Polyseal is a blend of multi-sized coloured flakes of polyethylene ranging in size from ¼” to 3/8” (6.4 mm. to 9.5 mm) with a specific gravity of 0.9%

Generally used in conjunction with other Lost Circulation Material, Polyseal assists in sealing and controlling losses of water-based drilling fluids. A common usage-ratio is one sack of Polyseal to five sacks of any blended multi-seal. Recommended concentrations are between 5.0 to 18.0 kg/m3 when used in conjunction with other LCM.

Polyseal is also used as an additive into cement slurries. Its function in this environment is to provide a matting effect on the well bore to prevent seepage and whole losses. Common concentrations of Polyseal in this application are 1 to 2% by cement weight.

Mixing Instruction:
Mix directly through the mud hopper or into mud from the surface of the mud tank while the viscous fluid is being agitated aggressively. Polyseal will cause the shaker screens to blind when circulating. If the concentration of Polyseal needs to remain in the fluid, the shaker should be

Each 28” x 40” polywoven bag weighs approximately 20 lbs. There are 50 bags to a pallet. Filled bags are stacked, banded to the pallet and then stretch-wrapped for stability during transportation and storage.


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